Best Blister Pads for Runners

Don’t let a pesky blister put you off going for a run. Usually caused by ill fitting trainers or wet socks rubbing on the skin and against the shoes, a blister can be eye wateringly painful. For runners, a blister will usually appear on the toes, the heels or the balls of your feet. Using a blister pad or blister bandage will allow you to crack on with your training runs and also keep out germs and dirt from the annoying little watery sac on your foot!

It’s important you get your footwear choice bang on before embarking on an important race. Too tight/small and your feet will undoubtedly sweat more as well as exacerbated rubbing. Go too loose and there’ll be foot movement galore, which will also lead to blister formation.

blisters on heel

In the range of blister pads below you will see a range of different uses (some prevent blisters, whilst others treat existing blisters) and also different shapes. Some blister ‘tapes’ can be cut and sliced to suit a particular area of the foot, other are waterproof and others are marketed as a second skin!