Runners Christmas Gifts

Best Gifts for Runners 2024

19 Present Ideas for Runners

We are coming up to that time of year again.  Time to think about ideas for the runner in your life, whether it be a birthday present a ‘good luck in your race’ style gift or a Christmas stocking filler, we’ve got you and the special runner in your life covered.  The list covers all genders and is in no particular order.

Everyone Needs Socks!

rockay running socks

Rockay Flare Running Socks

Great treat for the environmentally conscious runner as each pair is made from 22 plastic bottles retrieved from the ocean.  Blister proof and odour resistant, the eco promise is that these socks don’t need washing after every use. Whacky I know but trust me on this! They are a fantastic, maximum comfort performance sock with excellent reviews and a life time guarantee.  Unisex with option of 3 practical colours.  Well packaged too which is always good for a gift.

Incredibly Useful

FlipBelt Running Belt

Really practical, usable gift.  This soft, elasticated lycra running belt is discreet, light and comfortable, easy to machine wash and comes in several different sizes and 5 different colours/patterns.  Perfect for safely carrying key, cash, running gels and mobile phone on a run, tucked away in internal pocket system accessible from 4 external entrance points.  Barely know you have it on, doesn’t bounce around or rub against skin.  Looks pretty good too.

Believe & Achieve

Decorative Hanger for Finishers Medals

This present idea shows the runner in your life that you are proud of them and want to help to shout about their achievements.  Each medal has an individual story with memories to match and this stylish display rack is a perfect way to display them.  It is made from stainless steel with a black matt finish, holds 32 medals comfortably and comes with appropriate wall mounts.  A truly thoughtful and novel gift.

Get Organised

Running Event Calendar

Fabulous for any runner whether experienced or new to running.  Contains motivational quotes to keep you running and space to record daily and monthly mileage, times and distances.  Clear and crisp images, a high quality product.  Will make a great gift for Christmas for anyone looking to log their races and events for 2022!

Fuel Up

Science in Sport Isotonic Energy Gels

This comes in an easy to wrap box which is always a bonus.  Box contains 15 x 60ml Sport in Science energy gels.  There are a variety of flavours including apple, blackcurrant, orange, tropical, fruit salad, lemon and lime and cherry.  They are perfect for long training runs or races if your loved one is at that stage in their running, providing an easily digestible energy boost to reduce fatigue and enhance performance.

Be safe, be seen

LUMEFIT Running Light

This is a great idea for someone who runs before or after work in dark winter months, particularly in areas that aren’t well lit.  The reflective strap is elasticated, fits comfortably and is easy to adjust.  The 500 lumen front light is bright, lightweight and angle adjustable depending on requirements, illuminating road to at least 30ms ahead.  It also comes with free reflective arm straps has a red light up triangle on back and is easy to charge using USB cable included. Winner!

Soothe Achey Feet

RunRevive Foot Balm

Runner’s feet definitely deserve a treat and this is a great one!  Formulated for runners by a runner RunRevive contains all natural products and organic oils to sooth, moisturise, revive and cool tired feet after a run.  Also helps to keep feet in tip top condition with antibacterial properties preventing common ailments such as athlete’s foot and cracked heels. Smells fresh and lovely and nothing nicer than rubbing this into sore tired feet.  Recommended and a very thoughtful present!

Cool Shades

Goodr Sunglasses

Maybe not first choice for winter in UK but these sunglasses are amazing and made specifically for runners. Perfect for bright, sunny days and active holidays abroad any runner would be happy to have a pair in their armoury. 

Goodr sunglasses are polarised and are made not to slip or bounce up and down whilst running.  They are one size, lightweight and comfortable protecting your eyes 100% from damaging UVA and UVB rays without steaming up or glare.  There are also many different fun, coloured frames and lenses to suit individual running kits, preference and personalities.

Time to Run

Ladies Running Watch – Venu2

If there is a special running lady in your life that requires spoiling then this may be the perfect solution!  The Garmin Venu 2S was voted top Garmin watch for women in 2021 by the Independent newspaper with its sleek and modern design and cutting edge features.  It does absolutely everything that the Venu 2 watch does with a slightly smaller face and narrower strap generally more suitable for smaller wrists plus has the additional ability to track both menstruation and pregnancy.

This watch is fabulous for a runner who enjoys lots of other activities and ways of training as well as running.  It is touch screen, can track 25 activities including running, swimming, even paddle boarding and yoga, recording very specific data for each activity.  The wearer can also follow animated coaching videos and program specific training plans through Garmin app to help achieve next fitness or performance goal. 

Recover in Comfort

Oofos Sandals & Sliders

The ultimate recovery footwear for any runner!  Oofos flips flops are a super comfortable treat for tired feet that reduces stress on knees, sore feet and lower back, absorbing 37% more impact each step. The patented foot bed design also has in built arch support allowing natural movement through the foot.

Feels like you are walking on air! Great to wear around house after a big run or after a race to aid recovery.  They come in range of different colours and sizes.  And anyway, Oofos sandals look pretty good too!

Runners Brewtime

Favourite Runners Mug

A good inexpensive, idea for the office secret Santa, special friend or relative.  Shows that you take notice of their hobby/interest and think that they are really great for having running in their life. 

Microwave and dishwasher safe quality ceramic mug.  Printed and produced in the UK.  Perfect for that well deserved cup of tea!

Go Further, Longer

Backpack for Runners – UTOBEST

This lightweight, comfortable hydration pack is a very popular choice at an extremely reasonable price. Available in a choice of 12 different colours, suitable for men and women this backpack is great for trail running and longer road runs and races.

It is breathable, adjustable and stays in place whilst you are running. There is room to comfortably carry energy gels, money, snacks, keys and phone as well as water bottles in a combination of zipped, easily accessible front pockets and draw string pouches.

There is also a larger pocket at rear which can fit a 1.5litre bladder (purchase separately) along with rain jacket if required. All in all a well-made, quality, running backpack with lots of functional features at a very good comparative price.

The Gloves are On!

Best Gloves for Runners

Perfect for in the winter months when fingers and extremities can throb with the cold temperatures.  Suitable for men and women in sizes S-XL.  Stretchy cuff to increase comfort and keep out wind and rain. 

The palms have non-slip grips useful if carrying something plus thumb, middle and index finger have a touch screen function enabling you to use phone without taking gloves off if required, for example if you need to look at a map,  phone for assistance or provide photographic evidence of your run.  Practical and functional gift.

Best Vest in the West!

Gilet by ProViz

An essential piece of kit for safe running during these dark, winter mornings and evenings.  If the person that you are buying for lives in the countryside or runs in areas that are not well lit then this gilet will dramatically increase visibility, lighting up like a beacon! 

Cars can see you in pitch black as light from vehicles reflect back to the drivers. Ventilated mesh at back and under arms help to remove heat, stylish and extremely lightweight, a great addition to layer up over warmer clothing. Men and women’s fit available. Proviz often give 20% discount to new customers making this an even more attractive option.

Best Vest in the West!

Hilly Toe Socks

Hilly make excellent running socks and these unisex toe socks are no exception.  If you are looking for a slightly different gift then this could be it! Many runners never go back to normal socks again after trying toe-socks. 

They may look unconventional but the reason for the design is to reduce rubbing and blisters in between and underneath toes.  Material is breathable, super soft and extremely comfortable, comes in blue or black in variety of sizes.  Great gift idea for someone who is racking up the miles.

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

Foam Rollers for Runners Legs

Four piece set, excellent value for money and ideal for runners to relieve tension and tight spots in muscles post run whilst helping to remove lactic acid and reducing soreness.  Can also be used pre run to increase blood flow to targeted areas improving running performance. 

The rollers are best for larger muscles such as glutes, quads and hamstrings whereas the massage balls apply deep pressure to smaller areas such as feet and groin.  Valuable as part of balanced approach to recovery, rehabilitation and injury prevention when used consistently as part of regular routine.  Beneficial for every runner!

Hit the Bath

Soothing Epsom Bath Salts

This 15 minute power soak with menthol and citrus is a great way to aid recovery and relieve muscle soreness after a long run.  Menthol helps relax the body whereas citrus invigorates. Epsom salts contain the minerals magnesium and sulphates which are depleted through sweating.  

There is nothing like a soak in a hot Epsom bath to help replenish these minerals after exercise.  Magnesium is best absorbed by the skin rather than ingested, perfect to boost and sooth tired achy muscles by helping them to repair.  Who doesn’t love a good soak in the bath?

Very Cheeky!

Out of Ear Headphones by AfterShokz

The ultimate running companion for anyone who likes to listen to music, podcasts or audiobooks whilst pounding the streets and is fed up of ear buds falling out or becoming uncomfortable. This is the latest version of Aftershokz bone conduction sports headphones that conduct clear, quality sound through your cheekbone!  They are wireless, sweat and water resistant (although don’t swim in them!) suitable for intense, sweaty workouts plus connect to Bluetooth.

Aftershokz are the only sports headphones allowed to be used in open road races in England due to fact you can listen to music but also be safely aware of your surroundings.  Extremely light weight and comfortable design, can be worn all day.  Long battery life of 8 hours so no worrying about battery running out during marathon. Perfect to enhance comfort, ease and safety during long runs.

Be Inspired

Lonely Planet’s Epic Runs

If the runner in your life suffers from “wonder lust” then this may be the perfect gift, combining a love of travel and running at the same time.  Lonely planet have written about 50 incredible running routes across 28 different countries suitable for runners of all abilities. 

It could just be a coffee table book to enjoy and admire the stunning photography.  Or it may inspire an exciting adventure detailing all of the practical information required.  I mean who wouldn’t want to run a marathon on the Great Wall of China?!

So there you have it, 19 fabulous presents for the runner in your life. Actually, if YOU ARE the runner in your household, there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to a couple of gifts from this list. Any excuse hey?!