Recovery from Marathons

How to recover quickly from long distance runs

Getting your recovery right is a huge part of being a runner, making sure that you are in the best possible physical condition to take on your next training run or competition. This can be helped significantly by good nutrition, when and what you put into your body after a run.

Evidence suggests that after a long run or event a combination of carbohydrates and protein at a ratio of 3:1 is optimal for recovery. Four times more glycogen will also be absorbed within the first 30 minutes post run compared to within 2 hours so timing of your refuel is important to consider.

Energy bars with 3:1 ratio are a convenient and easy way to meet these requirements. There are some good ones in the market, just be mindful of ingredients list. Another good option is chocolate milk or a recovery powder that you can mix with water to meet above requirements.

The carbohydrates in these products replenish depleted glycogen stores in your muscles and liver whereas the protein repairs micro tears in damaged muscles and helps to build them back up. Recovery nutrition can reduce muscle soreness and fatigue levels. Electrolytes in these products also replace salts and minerals lost through sweating and on long runs.