What are the Marathon Majors and can Anyone do them?

Have you just completed the London marathon? What is next? If you are a serious runner looking for status or a more leisurely runner looking for an excuse to travel then ticking off some or all of the Marathon Majors may be an enticing lifetime goal!

The Marathon Majors are a series of six of the largest and most prestigious marathons in the world. I’m sure that you are aware of them all individually.  They are:

  1. Boston Marathon (USA)
  2. London Marathon (UK)
  3. Berlin Marathon (Germany)
  4. Chicago Marathon (USA)
  5. New York City Marathon (USA)
  6. Tokyo Marathon (Japan)

These marathons are considered to be the most competitive and highly sought-after races in the world, particularly attracting elite runners from all around the globe. However, anyone can apply to run in these races as a non-elite runner through a lottery or a qualification system, depending on the marathon.

Each marathon has its own specific entry requirements and application process, which can include meeting certain time standards, completing a certain number of qualifying races, or being selected through a lottery system. Some of the marathons also offer opportunities to run for charity or through travel packages.

While running in one or more of the Marathon Majors can be challenging and require significant training, dedication, and travel expenses, it is possible for anyone to participate with the right preparation and effort.  What a fun way to travel the world!